Fervor Records Sets Off Sirens

USA comedy Sirens gets their groove on with Fervor Records’ 1973 slow jam Masterpiece Of Love by Fat City. You can hear it in episode 201 airing January 27th or, heat things up in the romance department with your own copy from iTunes.

Fervor Records Loves Cake

The indie film Cake, starring Jennifer Aniston, debuts January 23rd and features 2 songs from Fervor Records. El Cucuy by Andy Gonzales Y Sus Amigos and Goodbye by Gary Romero. Check out Cake at a theater near you!

American Horror Story Asks The $64,000 Question

American Horror Story: Freak Show has grabbed more classics from the Fervor vaults. Two songs from 1956 appear in episode 413 including The $64,000 Question and Too Many Times from The Peter Sivo Band. Enjoy American Horror Story: Freak Show on FX! Check out The Peter...

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