Auggie Meets Fervor

Film festival favorite “Auggie” features 3 classics from the Fervor vaults - “Just Pretending” by The Versatiles, "Foxy Roxy” by Calvin Harris, and “Whole Lotta Your Love” by Lee Hurst.

4 Fervor Classics In The Twilight Zone

The CBS All Access series “The Twilight Zone” will feature 4 Fervor Records classics - “Come On Home (I Need Your Love)” by The Oasis, “Pound One Out" by Jim Vining, “My Friend” by Emmett Finley, and “Thoughts of You” by Jay Fortunato in Episode 110: "The Blue Scorpion" on May 23rd.

The Professor Has Fervor

The new film “The Professor” features seven Fervor Records period recordings - Carl Coccomo’s “Parle d'Amore” and “A Veil of Tears,” “Lovers Land” by Margaret Lewis With Grace Tennessee, “Angel Of Mine” by Nick Landers, “I Love You So Much Julianne” by Chuck Dawson, “Gotta Get Away” by Harry Krapsho, and “Take Me For What I Am" by Henry Ford.”

Fervor Records & L.A.’s Finest

The Spectrum Originals Network series “L.A.'s Finest” will feature Fervor Records “Take Me For What I Am” by Henry Ford in Episode 105 on May 20th.

Peter Blair And The Red Line

CBS drama “The Red Line” features Fervor Records and Peter Blair’s masterpiece “Samantha” in Episode 107: "I Must Tell You What We Have Inherited” on May 19th.

My Love In Riverdale

The CW hit “Riverdale” will feature the Fervor Records classic "My Love" by Donnie Owens - twice - in Episode 322: "Chapter 57: Apocalypto" on May 15th.

3 Fervor Classics In NCIS

CBS mega-hit “NCIS” features 3 Fervor Records classics in Episode 1623: "Lost Time" - “Let The Devil Pour The Wine” by Peter Sivo Band, “Get What You Need” by Target, and “Highway Stranger" by Tom Martin on May 14th.

New Babylon, See You Yesterday

Netflix premieres "See You Yesterday" May 3rd at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival with the Fervor Record release "New Babylon" from Reggae Revolution.

Young Sheldon Spins Fervor Records

CBS comedy “Young Sheldon” features two Fervor Records classics in Episode 220: "A Proposal And A Popsicle Stick Cross" - “La Canción Perdida” by Chilo Escobedo and “Mirage” by Pedro Pete Garcia.

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