Good Girls, Crazy No More

Season 2 of NBC's "Good Girls” kicking off on March 3 will feature Fervor Record's release of “Crazy No More” by The Romeos.

Harry Krapsho Has American Soul

The new BET Network drama “American Soul” will feature Fervor Records Harry Krapsho’s gritty impassioned 1970 jam “Blowin' My Mind” in Episode 102: "Continuous Revolution In Progress."

CooBee Coo, Shameless

The long-running Showtime comedy-drama "Shameless” will feature “Keep Your Hands Off Me” by CooBee Coo in Episode 911.

Project Blue Book Finds Peter Sivo

The History Channel's Sci-Fi thriller “Project Blue Book” will feature the Fervor classic “My Love Lingers On” by Peter Sivo in episode 107 which airs on February 19th.

Hulu’s PEN15 Has Fervor

The new Hulu original comedy series “PEN15” will feature two 1995 Fervor classics “Tears Fall” by Chimeras in episode 102 and "Let's Do Somethin' Smooth” by London in Episode 103 which air on February 8th.

The Kindness Of Strangers Has Fervor

The indie film “The Kindness Of Strangers” will feature the Fervor classics “Your Reason” by The Tads and "Two Guitars," "Balkani Visshang," "By The Waters of Lake Balaton," and "Zigeunerweisen” by Primas Stefan & His Royal Tziganes at Berlinase - Berlin International Film Festival on February 7th.

NCIS Has Fervor

The CBS mega-hit “NCIS” will feature the Fervor classics “As I Am” by Shoeshine Boy and "Scairdy Cat" by Dave Lowe in Episode 1613: "She” which airs February 5th.

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