3 Fervor Classics In NCIS

CBS mega-hit “NCIS” features 3 Fervor Records classics in Episode 1623: "Lost Time" - “Let The Devil Pour The Wine” by Peter Sivo Band, “Get What You Need” by Target, and “Highway Stranger" by Tom Martin on May 14th.

New Babylon, See You Yesterday

Netflix premieres "See You Yesterday" May 3rd at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival with the Fervor Record release "New Babylon" from Reggae Revolution.

Young Sheldon Spins Fervor Records

CBS comedy “Young Sheldon” features two Fervor Records classics in Episode 220: "A Proposal And A Popsicle Stick Cross" - “La Canción Perdida” by Chilo Escobedo and “Mirage” by Pedro Pete Garcia.

The Kids Are Alright with the Peter Sivo Band

ABC comedy “The Kids Are Alright” will feature two Fervor Record's classics from Peter Sivo - “My Love Lingers On” and “Born To Reminisce” - in Episode 120: “Timmy’s New Hobby” which airs on April 30th.

Fervor In Safe Spaces

“Safe Spaces” premieres at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival April 29th and features three 1960s rarities from Fervor Records - “My Love Is Real” by Calvin Harris, ” Love You So Much Julianne” by Chuck Dawson, and “A Life To Live Over” by Robie Lester.

O.G. Finds Fervor

HBO Films' “O.G.” will feature Fervor Records hard rock classic "Love Revelation" by Marquis de Sade in the premiere on April 23rd.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

The new Netflix series “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson” will feature multiple Fervor Records classics - Doris Wilson’s “Big Flame (Is Gonna Break My Heart In Two)”, “Baby Bay” by John Lewis, “Standing On The Corner Everyday” by Michael Liggins, and “Blending Soul” by Soul Blenders.

Fervor On Black Monday

Showtime’s “Black Monday” features Fervor Records classics “Make Believe World” by Sandy Szigeti and “Don't Worry” by Harry Krapsho in Episode 108: ”7042".

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