Fervor Records In Chicago Fire

NBC's hit drama "Chicago Fire" features the Fervor Records classics “This Town” by Craig Erickson and "Suitcase Cowboy" by Baker & DeCocq in Episode 802: "A Real Shot In The Arm" airing on October 15th.

There She Is In The Resident

FOX's hit medical drama "The Resident" features the Fervor Records classics “What's The Use Of My Crying” by Gary Lemel and "There She Is" by Johnny Amaroso in 304: "Belief System" airing on October 15th.

The Righteous Gemstones, King Of The World

Episode 109: "Better Is The End Of A Thing Than Its Beginning" of the HBO comedy “The Righteous Gemstones” features two Fervor Records classics “King Of The World" by Jerry Honigman and "She's Got You" by The Mears Brothers and airs on October 13, 2019!

Young Sheldon Gets Electric

Episode 303: "An Entrepreneurialist And A Swat On The Bottom" of CBS's "Young Sheldon" airs on October 10th with the Fervor Records classic “Electric” by Red Alert!

Supernatural, Premieres With Fervor

CW's hit "Supernatural" features the Fervor Records classic “Too Good To Be True” by Lon Rogers with The Soul Blenders in the Season 15 Premiere; Episode 1501: "Back And To The Future" airing on October 10th!

Poor Boy Rappers, Mixed-ish

ABC's comedy "Mixed-ish" features the Fervor Records classic “Lowrider Rap” by The Poor Boy Rappers in Episode 103: "Let Your Hair Down."

The Deuce & Fervor

HBO's period drama "The Deuce" features the Fervor Records classics “If You Want My Love” by Slyder and "Dreamer" by The Daybreakers in Episode 305: "You Only Get One."

Godfather Of Harlem Continues With Fervor

Episode 102 of Epix's "Godfather of Harlem" airs on October 6th with the Fervor Records classics “Love Me Baby” by Charlotte Hunter and "You Better Sit Down" by Jeff "Sonny Boy" Williamson!

Fervor Records, Goliath

Episode 306 of Amazon's "Goliath" includes the Fervor Records classics “Just Another Lie” by Linda Brannon and "Maybe Tomorrow" by Jackie Stewart!

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