The Jetzons

As New Wave rushed to the forefront of Pop music in the early 80’s, The Jetzons made a huge splash with their innovative brand of perfectly irreverent, yet oh-so polished take on the genre. The band drew on Punk, Prog, Funk and Early Rock n’ Roll delivering their distinctive dark, mysterious, compelling, and captivating sound. The Jetzons rose from the ashes of the critically acclaimed Punk outfit Billy Clone and the Same. Billy Clone guitarist Bruce Connole and bassist Damon Doiron, recruited synth guru Brad Buxer to man the keys, and added Steve Golladay behind the kit. Fronted by Connole’s distinctive guitars and vocals, not to mention his irresistible natural born swagger, Buxer’s cutting edge synths propelled the band’s sound into a new dimension. Mix in Doiron’s quirky vocals and bass lines with Golladay’s rock solid playing and The Jetzons were packing venues from Phoenix to Los Angeles nightly. The boys hit LA to record at Warner Bros. and Cherokee studios and as soon as their debut EP “Made In America” was released it was blasting from any FM radio station that had any semblance of cool. The band’s impact on the local scene is legendary. They led the way for a fledgling but fertile Tempe, Arizona music scene; inspiring future successes like The Gin Blossoms, Dead Hot Workshop, Pistoleros, and The Refreshments. Their mysterious image, impeccable songs, production, and recordings define The Jetzons who continue to resonate with new fans across the continents.

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