It’s Always Sunny With Old World Folk

The quirky, offensive and outright hilarious sitcom It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has one of the most devoted fan bases of any show on television, and just gets more outrageous with each episode. Comfortably situated on FX networks, the series is in the home stretch of its 8th season, and is about to feature Fervor music for the third time this run.

Bellissimo, an overtly Italian-style accordion waltz by Phil Bender-Stone, which definitely conjures up the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp, can be heard in tomorrow night’s episode “The Gang Dines Out” (ep. 809).  Earlier this season, both ep. 801 and 805 featured another waltz from the Fervor catalog, from an elevator music compilation.

The track is from the Fervor Records release Old World Folk and is available on iTunes.

Tune in tomorrow night (Thursday 12/13/12) for the latest edition of the gang and their shenanigans, and hear Fervor’s Bellissimo.

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