Fervor At Toronto International Film Festival

Two films premiering in the Toronto International Film Festival feature Fervor Record's classics - “Big Flame (Is Gonna Break My Heart In Two)” by Doris Wilson and "Hog Of The Road" by Z-Cars. Catch them on September 11th!

Riverdale, I’m Not Lying

Episode 515 "Chapter 91: The Return of the Pussycats" of the CW hit “Riverdale" features the Fervor Records classic “I’m Not Lying” by Margaret Lewis. Catch it on September 8th!

Animal Kingdom Has Fervor

Episode 509: “Let It Ride” of TNT hit crime drama “Animal Kingdom” features Fervor Record's classic “City Beat” by Slyder. Catch it on September 5th!

Gents 5 In A.P. Bio

Episode 403 of Peacock’s exclusive hit comedy “A.P. Bio” features Fervor Record's classic “Little Lamb” by Gents 5. Catch it on September 2nd!

Lexus & Bosco Groove

Lexus ES ad campaign "Not Just For You, By You” features the Fervor Records classic “Bosco Groove” by Danny Freeman And The Soul Superiors. Catch it on September 1st!

Bret Michaels, Drive Me Crazy

The Bret Michael's episode of Paramount+'s reboot of the hit series “Behind the Music” features the Fervor Records classic “Drive Me Crazy’” by Chinatown. Catch it on August 26th!

Cissy Stone, Work In Progress

Episode 202: "Everything's Fine, Everything's Okay" of the Showtime comedy “Work In Progress” features the Fervor Records classic “Comin' Or Goin’” by Cissy Stone. Catch it on August 22nd!

Bright Moments In Legends of Tomorrow

Episode 613: "Silence of the Sonograms" of CW’s hit series “DC's Legends Of Tomorrow” features Fervor Record's classic “Izya Funkin' Tonight” by Bright Moments. Catch it on August 22nd!

The Good Fight, WSJ Sound Records

Episode 509 "And The End Was Violent" of the Paramount+ Network's legal drama “The Good Fight” features the Fervor Records classic “Come On Home (I Need Your Love)” by The Oasis. Catch it on August 19th!

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