Super Stereo In Heavy Rotation at KWSS 106.7FM!

Beef Vegan’s The Morning Infidelity radio show (TMI) features local artists when the demand is high, and as Super Stereo’s brand new single “Life Passed Me By” jammed up the request lines, they quickly became an official Homegrown Hit after holding their own in the top 5 several days in a row.

Super fans’ efforts really paid off, as now they can hear their favorite Future Pop band’s tune regularly on the valley of the sun’s only independent radio station, KWSS 106.7 FM!

It should be noted that “Life Passed Me By”, which was just released today 1.11.11 worldwide, was neck-and-neck with electro-colleagues La La Lust’s “Tongue Tied” the entire time.

Public?  Take a tip: buy some stock in dancing shoes!

Photo by Cinthia Schmidt

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