Animal Kingdom Has Fervor

Episode 411: "Julia” of TNT’s “Animal Kingdom” which airs on August 6th will feature the Fervor Records classic “Had You So Long” by Rick Coyne.

Preacher Premieres With Fervor

Episode 401: "Masada" of the AMC hit “Preacher” airs August 4th with 2 classics from the vaults of Fervor Records - Dick Flood’s “Listen To Me Self,” and Bobby Barnes’ “Super High On Your Love.”

Luce and Julia

The film “Luce” will release August 2nd US and includes Fervor Records classic "Julia by Terry Weiss.

Blood Brothers In Pearson

USA Networks’ “Pearson” will feature music from Fervor Records in Episode 103: "The Union Leader" - “Blood Brothers” by Paris James and Chuck Hall - on July 31st!

Snowfall Infatuation

Season 3 of the FX drama “Snowfall” will include the Fervor Records release of “Searching” by Infatuation in Episode 304: "The Game That Moves As You Play" airing on July 31st!

Animal Kingdom Hang Ups

Episode 410: "Exit Strategy” of TNT’s “Animal Kingdom” which airs on July 30th will feature the Fervor Records classic “Hang Ups” by Kindred.

Fervor For The Mountain

The film “The Mountain” features three classics from Fervor Records - Peter Sivo Band’s “This Is Ours” and “My Love Lingers On,” and Carl Coccomo’s “Parle d'Amore.” Look for it on July 26th.

Veronica Mars Bubble Shaker

Hulu is bringing back “Veronica Mars” and Episode 106 features Fervor Records' “Bubble Shaker” by Tarik NuClothes and airs July 26th!

The Boys Choose Fervor

Amazon Original Series “The Boys” includes three classics from Fervor Records in two episodes - “Farming Man” by Tennessee River Crooks and “Easy Living” by Michael Legnon in Episode 101 and “A Tear Has Taken Your Place” by Frank Fafara in Episode 108 - available on Amazon Prime July 26th.

Claws, Let The Devil Pour The Wine

TNT's “Claws” will feature two Fervor Records classics - "Nobody But Jesus" by Connie Conway and the Peter Sivo Band’s “Let The Devil Pour The Wine” in Episode 307: "Chicken Pussy" airing on July 21st.

Fervor In Bottom Of The 9th

“Bottom Of The 9th” features a trio of Fervor Records' classics - “I Gotta Bigga Love For Rosa” by Peter Sivo Band, “So Goes My Dream” by Don Cole, and “Broadway Shing-A-Ling” by Soul Blenders - when it hits theaters July 19th!

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