Fervor In Riverdale

The CW’s teen drama “Riverdale” has turned to Fervor Records for authentic recordings from the 1950s and 60s.

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Riverdale Finds Fervor

The Archie Comics inspired hit series “Riverdale” will feature George Peck’s 1957 REV Records single “You’re The One.”

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Johnny Amoroso Plays Flint Town

Johnny Amoroso Plays Flint Town   Netflix original documentary “Flint Town” starts streaming March 2nd. Heard in the film is the 1968 rarity, from Tommy Dorsey Orchestra alum Johnny Amoroso, “There She Is.” Experience Mr.... read more

Lucifer Has Fervor

Season 3 of the hit drama “Lucifer” has returned to Fervor Records for more great music from the label’s indie roster.

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Separated by Shadows

; Separated by Shadows   On January 26th, 1994 Scottsdale, AZ based Alt/Pop quartet isotopes released their debut EP “Separated by Shadows” on Life City Records. The release was a stark contrast to the Grunge sound dominating the... read more

Here and Now and the Tads

Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter star in the new HBO drama “Here And Now.” Featured in Episode 102: “It’s Coming” is 1950s Arizona Doo Wop legends The Tads with their 1957 REV Records single “She Is My Dream.”

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Everything Sucks

Netflix debuts their new coming-of-age comedy “Everything Sucks” February 16th. The series, set in the 1990s, turned to Fervor Records for some authentic R&B jams from the era.

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