Vice Principals, Remember

This week the HBO comedy “Vice Principals” features Brian Page’s anthemic 80s power ballad “Remember” in Episode 205: “A Compassionate Man.”

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Les Origines de l’amour

Ingrid Hagelberg is a Swedish singer, songwriter, and entertainer. Singing in five languages, she performs her music internationally and a boasts a diverse range of styles including Jazz, Pop, Latin, French, and German Chanson.

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Mindhunter, I Love You

On Friday the 13th Netflix will premiere the inaugural season of their new drama “Mindhunter.” Episode 101 features the incredible 1982 recording “I Love You” from legendary New Wave band The Jetzons.

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Chicago Fire, Don’t Get Upset

NBC mega-hit “Chicago Fire” will feature more songs from Fervor Records in Season 6. Episode 603: “An Even Bigger Surprise” will include the Tom Petty inspired “Don’t Get Upset” from late 70s Phoenix, AZ Rock band City Kids.

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Get Shorty Has Tears to Be Cried

“Tears To Be Cried” by Joy, was originally released on Concept Records. Fervor is thrilled to announce that the song will be appearing in Episode 109: “Turnaround” of the Epix series “Get Shorty.” Don’t miss “Get Shorty” October 9th!

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Cosmic Kiss

; Cosmic Kiss   1980s Canadian alternative outfit UKAŠE displays a unique blend of raw power and honest emotion on the Fervor Records retrospective “Cosmic Kiss.” Formed in London, Ontario in 1985, the band was fronted by... read more

NCIS, Let’s Rock and Roll

Fervor Records recording artist CooBee Coo will be featured, once again, in the CBS mega-hit NCIS. “Let’s Rock And Roll,” from the Fervor Records release “Liven Up,” will appear in Episode 322: “Twofer,” airing October 3rd.

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Get Shorty, Bombs Away!

In the late 70s/early 80s Loosely Tight took the Southwest by storm with their no-nonsense, badass Rock N’ Roll swagger.

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