Absolute Ceiling




Kansas-based New-Wave/Rock outfit Absolute Ceiling rocked the Midwest from1984 through the early 90s. The band was the brainchild of Mike Niewald and the late Jim Strahm. As a highschooler, Mike formed The Basics, a band that gave him his first taste of Rock N’ Roll adoration, and… he was hooked. Upping his game with Jim and defining their sound, the two recruited bassist Cory Corbino and drummer Joe Gose, and changed their moniker to Absolute Ceiling. Drawing from influences such as Hüsker Du, The Replacements, and Fugazi, Mike channeled his energy into honing his songwriting skills. The boys hit the studio to record at legendary Midwest studios including Ramona Studios and Woodland West Studio. Absolute Ceiling also focused on perfecting their live show. This soon paid off with gigs opening for some of the biggest acts of the time including Soul Asylum, The Bodines, The Wipers, Alex Chilton, and Alejandro Escovedo’s legendary outfit True Believers. Absolute Ceiling’s relentless hard work culminated with success on College radio. Much of Absolute Ceiling’s work is now available via Fervor Records.


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