Bopert Davidson and his Combo-Nation


Prolific guitarist/composer Robert “Bopert” Davidson was a staple on the NYC Jazz scene throughout the 70s and 80s. He gigged with such luminaries as Charles “CP” Roth, and Glenn McCellend (of Ween fame), and recorded at the legendary Vanguard Studios. Aside from fronting his exceptional Jazz outfit, Bopert Davidson and his Combo-Nation, Mr. Davidson was also a member of the avant-garde band Acqueous Fowle, and the host/director of “The Summer Intime Cabarets” at Princeton University, where he shared the stage with up and comers of all varieties, including magicians Penn & Teller. Fervor Records is proud to bring you “Bopert Davidson And His Combo-Nation” a collection of the guitarist’s superb Jazz recordings from the 1970s.

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