Carl Coccomo




Dubbed “The Singin’ Sicilian” by Ol Blue Eyes himself, Carl Coccomo’s sound evokes 1950’s Hollywood so strongly that putting on one of his Crooner classics feels like putting on a fedora and grabbing a table at The Palms. Born in Omaha, Carl headed west with his accordion at the age of 18. He gave USC the old college try, but found more satisfaction pursuing his professional career – gigging around Los Angeles from the sidewalks all the way to popular nightclubs such as The Horn. After being drafted in 1948, Carl (with accordion in tow) headed to Korea to fight, and upon returning to LA in 1951, he hadn’t missed a beat. The following year, Carl began a 10 year contract as one of the Ken Darby Singers. The group had previously been brought in on any Fox film which had vocal elements on the score, such as the official Wizard of Oz soundtrack. Carl lent his voice to the Academy Award-winning film “Three Coins In The Fountain.” After securing record deals with both Starlight Records and Liberty Records for his first album of original material, Carl’s second original effort “Double Exposure” was recorded at the legendary Capitol Records building on the corner of Hollywood Blvd & Vine Street. With songs as diverse as the rousing “Rosina,” to the tender notes of “I Need You,” these songs are a time capsule when songs were recorded the right way – in this instance with a 26 piece orchestra. Carl’s songs represent theatrical slices of vintage Pop and Jazz – a time capsule which has proven invaluable to projects such as “American Horror Story” (FX), “12 Monkeys” (Syfy) and “Graves” (EPIX). Fervor Records is proud to represent the amazing legacy of Mr. Carl Coccomo.

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