In 1991, Phoenix institution & enigmatic legend Bruce Connole (of such notable acts as Billy Clone and The Same, The Jetzons, and The Strand) put his unique stamp on the rising Grunge sound. Connole, Jason Huff, Mark Cady, and Rick Trobman formed Cryptics, who soon inked a deal with Brad Singer’s Phoenix-based Epiphany Records. The label released a 7-inch single containing “Darker Side of You” b/w “Kill Me.” Cryptics also released a full length album on Spot Records entitled “Kill Me” but ironically it did not contain the song of the same name from their 7 inch. The band’s dark, raw and emotional performances truly capture the angst of the era. Hard edged progressions in congress with Connole’s rapid-fire yet melodic shouts on songs such as “Told A Lie” showcase influences such as The Misfits, combined with spacious musical interludes evoking contemporaries like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Screaming Trees. Much of the Cryptics legendary back catalog now resides at Fervor Records and continues to land in hit films and TV shows.


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