Thoughtful, dark, brooding, and simply excellent, Farewood is a band from Meriden, Connecticut who have honed their craft through a slew of self-released material. With a sound like Farewood’s, the husband-and-wife songwriting team of Leah Booker (bass/vocals) and Lou Lorenzo (guitar) have culled a wonderful following in their, pardon the pun, neck of the woods and it’s completely understandable why they have done so. This is serious music for serious fans and Farewood always delivers the goods.

Intricate riffs, powerful, emotive lyrics, and a penchant for pushing boundaries that show the consistent musical growth lesser bands only dream about achieving, Farewood continues to create evocative music for a world in dire need of expressive thoughts.

In 2019 Fervor Records released “Stories” which contains the band’s recordings from the year 2000.


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