On January 26th, 1994 Scottsdale, AZ based Alt/Pop quartet isotopes released their debut EP “Separated by Shadows” on Life City Records. The release was a stark contrast to the Grunge sound dominating the Rock scene. The band also didn’t fall into the trap of mimicking the Valley’s chart-topping Tempe sound. “Separated by Shadows” garnered plenty of local critical acclaim with State Press journalist John Guzzon calling the songs “…tight disciplined tunes that cry out talent…” and stating “Isotopes have the potential to be the next big band out of Tempe.” The band focused on strong songwriting and showcased the vocal abilities of keyboardist Thaddeus Rose. Dubbed “Rock And Roll Chemists” isotopes also included Dan Glaeser (drums), Dan Keegan (bass), and Craig Roberts (guitars, vocals). Unfortunately the band never produced a followup to their impressive freshman effort. However, on February 23, 2018 indie label Fervor Records believed the record was worthy of a much wider audience and re-issued “Separated by Shadows.” Experience now across Apple, Amazon, Spotify and beyond!

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