Mark Zubek Quartet




Toronto based Jazz bassist Mark Zubek is also a talented composer and arranger. In 1992 the 18 year old Zubek formed the Mark Zubek Quartet and started woodshedding, gigging and recording. By 1995 the group had recorded sixteen of Zubek’s numbers. However, the quartet’s amazing opus never found release. That changed decades later when Fervor Records unearthed the band’s incredible treasure-trove of masterpieces. The label released the long overdue record titled, Doubleyou in 2021. The sixteen tracks on the quartet’s recording are just plain scorching. From the bouncy title track to the more sedate ‘Spiritual Number 4” to the rad time signature of the bass driven “Seven In,” Doubleyou shows off the massive talent of the Mark Zubek Quartet!


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