Roger LaBarge





Midwest guitarist/singer/songwriter Roger LaBarge’s musical journey began at age 6 when his grandmother gave him the option of studying drums or accordion. Roger chose the latter. By 19 he picked up bass guitar but soon switched to 6 string. LaBarge was a natural and quickly gravitated to the instrument. The young guitarist soon caught the ear of Jazz horn player Del Clayton who invited Roger to join his Del Clayton Quartet on tour. LaBarge eventually found his way to San Francisco and gigged regularly in the Bay Area. In 1975 Roger landed back in his hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa where he got serious about songwriting. Roger gigged steadily and continued to hone his craft. In 1980, backed by an investor, Roger entered the studio with 9 songs and some of the Midwest’s finest session players to record his first LP. Unfortunately for Roger the investor went bankrupt and the record was shelved. Fast forward to 2022 when Fervor Records catches wind of the story. The label gives the talented artist and his 1981 recordings new life releasing the long overdue album “If I Had My Way.” Roger still writes, records and keeps a full gig calendar with his equally talented daughter Mandy performing throughout the Midwest. Experience Roger LaBarge “If I Had My Way” on Fervor Records across Apple Music, Amazon Music. Spotify and beyond!

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