The Honeycreepers




Active from 1994 to 2000, The Honeycreepers artfully merged genres of Pop, Folk and Rock. The San Diego-based quartet was fronted by prolific songwriter Skaie Knox on vocals, along with Steve Schroeder on guitar, mandolin and vocals, J.L. Wardell on drums and vocals, and Frank Servas on bass and vocals.

The group became a favorite on the SoCal festival and county fair circuit and even landed an opening slot at Lilith Fair (well…the real story is, that when Lilith Fair ended one night, the band was performing outside the stadium gates on the fairground stage and captured a large crowd who stayed and enthusiastically watched their entire set). The Honeycreepers’ back catalog is now available from Fervor Records, including their 1998 CD “Telefortune.”


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