The Triplett Twins

Yes, they’re really twins and their real name is Triplett. Hailing from the south side of Chicago, brothers Leon and Levi made up the The Triplett Twins, a Soul/R&B act that left an indelible mark on the Chicago Soul scene. The duo released a string of singles throughout the 1970s and rose to prominence when they inked with Curtis Mayfield and Eddie Thomas’ legendary Curtom Records. Their single, “Get It” b/w “Pretty Please,” ultimately found release on the Thomas Records imprint, which was distributed by Buddha Records. The FCC soon put the band on notice as the song’s lyrics proved quite provocative for 1970. However, this led to coverage in Billboard Magazine, which ultimately escalated both airplay and critical acclaim. The act went on to release “From The Rooter To The Tooter” b/w “Black Sensuous Girl” on Jay Pee Records, “Weekend Madness” on Triplett Records, and then segued into the Disco era with their Magic Touch Records single “Gonna Change.” The Triplett Twins’ incredible recordings brilliantly illustrate the magic of the 1970s Soul movement. Their music continues to resonate today throughout films, TV shows, ad campaigns, and they continue to win fans via retail sales and streaming. Fervor Records is proud to continue to perpetuate The Triplett Twins’ amazing legacy.

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