Up With People!




International touring/recording sensation Up With People launched Pace Records in 1965 releasing their first album, “The Sing-Out Musical” that same year. Known for their widely diverse casts, they simultaneously toured with multiple troupes, across numerous countries, around the globe for decades. Up With People productions featured such themes as racial equality, spirituality, and the power of positive thinking. The group soon became a global sensation, landing their own prime time CBS special, and performing at a record-setting five Super Bowl Halftime Shows, as well as at The Indianapolis 500.

Up With People’s inspirational songs were recorded in numerous countries and languages including Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, German and Japanese. The group sold millions of records on their labels Pace, and Up With People Records. They became too overwhelmingly popular for the major labels to ignore and soon found international releases on CBS Records, RCA, Polydor, United Artists, and Buddha Records. The troupe performed at the epicenter of numerous global events including in the Soviet Union during Glasnost and in Germany at the fall of the Berlin Wall. Up With People has dozens of releases dating from 1965 – 2018. The entire Up With People/Pace Records/Up With People Records catalog is proudly administered by Fervor Records.

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