Season 7 of the AMC hit horror drama “Fear The Walking Dead” is now underway! For Episode 702: “Six Hours,” the show loaded up on 7 classics from the vaults of Fervor Records including: 1959’s “Baby Please Forgive Me” by Margaret Lewis With Grace Tennessee, 1961’s “It’s Time to Quit Crying” by Jim Boyd, 1963’s “Cabin on The Hill” by the Jody Brian Quartet, 1970’s “Untie The Ribbon” by Wanda Johnson, 1971’s “I’ll Put That Gambling Down” by Reggie Taylor and “God Bless This Guitar” by Patsy Maples, and 1976’s “Shisha Dancer Waltz” by Alex Bevan. Don’t miss “Fear The Walking Dead” October 24th, and experience these great artists on Fervor Records across Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify & beyond!

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