Ethan Hawke, Mark Strong and Noomi Rapace star in director Robert Budreau’s new film “Stockholm.” The independent feature premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival and features six period recordings from Fervor Records. Heard in the crime comedy-drama is the 1959 Ram Records single “Cheaters Can’t Win” by Margaret Lewis With Grace Tennessee, the 1971 Darlene Records single “Function Underground” by We The People, The Steam Machine’s 1971 Ariola single “Get Back to The West Side,”  Sebastian’s 1973 Mountain City Records single “Goin’ Home,” and Target’s 1974 psych masterpiece “Get What You Need.” Also featured is Canadian violin virtuoso Steven Staryk’s 1964 recording of Bach’s “Sonata in E Minor.” Be on the lookout for “Stockholm,” and click the song titles to enjoy!

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