12 Monkeys Will Keep It Funky With Fervor Records

12 Monkeys season 2Fat CityBright MomentsBobby Barnes_small
SyFy’s post-apocalyptic hit 12 Monkeys has turned to Fervor Records for a serious dose of 70s Funk. Episode 206: “Immortal” showcases this sonic joyride traveling through the 70s with three funky Fervor rarities. The songs include 1973’s “Ain’t No Time For Stoppin’” by Fat City, 1974’s “Keep It Funky” by Bobby Barnes and 1978’s “Bright Moments” by Bright Moments. Tune in to 12 Monkeys on 05.23.16, and experience a Funk junkie’s ultimate fix by clicking the song titles now available from Fervor Records.

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