3 Fervor Tunes In This Week’s World Of Jenks (MTV)

World of Jenks

Have you been watching the new season of World Of Jenks?  Well this Monday there is a new episode and it features 3 different Fervor artists all in one show!  From gangsta hip hop to dark bluegrass to acoustic indie-pop, this show will run the gamut of the roster.  The selections are as follows:

MLS Cover

In My Hood, Marcus Latief Scott, from the Fervor Records release Marcus Latief Scott

Jessie Murphy in The Woods 8

Black Diamond, Jessie Murphy, from the Fervor Records archives


Can’t Find My Way, Bruce Connole, from the Fervor Records release Hillbilly Heroin

This will be the second week in a row we’ve been in the mix of the hit MTV show, and hopefully not the last.

Tune in to MTV on Monday @ 11/10c for the latest edition of World Of Jenks (episode 202) and hear a sweet variety of Fervor jams.

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