70s Rockers City Kids Fire Away

Fire Away_CityKids_2016In the mid 1970s bassist Mike Kunes and keyboardist Mike Korte found their way to Phoenix, AZ by way of Texas and Los Angeles. Already seasoned live and studio players, the duo added drummer Keith Rosenbaum and guitarist Bruce Herring to form the hard rocking quartet City Kids. The band was quickly packing venues six nights a week and setting their sights on the recording studio. The boy’s solid musicianship also caught the eye of booking agents who sent them on tour with the likes of Iron Butterfly, Steppenwolf, Bloodrock, and as a backup band for Chuck Berry. Fervor Records has uncovered a handful of the band’s 1970s recordings and now offers up “City Kids – Fire Away.” You can experience this bad-ass foursome on AmazoniTunesSpotify and beyond!

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