Billboard Hit “Reconsider Me” Airs In Preacher

Preacher-AMC Dick Flood - live at the Opry -1961Lewis-Mira-V22Donnie OwensReconsider Me” broke the Billboard Top 40 on both the R&B and Country Singles Charts four times, by four artists, from 1969 – 1975. The song, written by Margaret Lewis, has now found a home at Fervor Records. Ms. Lewis’s 1968 recording of her hit will now air in episode 104 of AMC’s “Preacher.” Also appearing in the show is Country great Dick Flood’s 1962 recording “Everything Happens For The Best,” and Donnie Owens’ 1966 Pop tinged Country gem “Leave Her Alone.” Tune into AMC on 06.26.16 for Episode 104: “South Will Rise Again,” and click the song titles to listen!

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