Boardwalk Empire Returns To HBO With Fervor Vintage In Tow

Modern television just keeps getting better and more cinematic as the years go on.  This is especially evident with the latest smash hit series from HBO, Boardwalk Empire. Written and produced by the legendary Terence Winter (The Sopranos), the eight-time Emmy-winning program starring cult favorite Steve Buscemi is only just about to launch its 3rd season.

The lavish period drama focuses on early prohibition-era Atlantic City, fusing the storyline with numerous historical facts, an element which has earned the show quite a bit of critical acclaim (as well as the strong visual style).  Much like the AMC hit Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire is known for its accuracy and attention to detail, right down to the music used in the production.

It just so happens that Fervor Records is about to release an album called Post WW1 Gramophone Era (9/11/12), featuring recordings that date all the way back to 1922.  One track from the upcoming vintage collection has already been handpicked to air in the season 3 premiere of Boardwalk Empire, which is scheduled for Sunday Sept 16th.

In the selected track, The Voyage Of The Nancy Lee (1923) by The Morrie Morrison Orchestra, which somehow evokes the mood of a rickety wooden rollercoaster at a seaside amusement park during a stormy night, listeners can almost hear the din of carnival barkers in the background.  It really couldn’t be more perfectly matched to enhance the creepy, dark underbelly of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

The complete release Post WW1 Gramophone Era, became available worldwide on Tuesday Sept. 11th.  Listen to the full song that will be in the season premiere of Boardwalk Empire below.

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