Bubble Shaker Makes Good Vibes On MTV


Fervor Records Rapper Tarik NuClothes Gets Single Featured On New MTV Cartoon

Phoenix, AZ, 10/31/11Good Vibes, the latest not-for-kids animated series was launched on MTV last week, strategically placed after the triumphant return of 90’s iconic characters, Beavis and Butthead.  Equally explicit artist Tarik NuClothes has slid right in the pocket of the new programming with a sassy track prominently featured in the second full episode.

“Bubble Shaker”, the single from his debut album Emperor’s NuClothes, celebrates ‘well-rounded’ ladies and has certainly made its way around the industry block.  The thumping club track has already been in the mix of MTV’s Jersey Shore, CBS’s Accidentally On Purpose, and is scheduled to air in an upcoming episode of the CW’s One Tree Hill.

The NuClothes single will be available as a free download from MTV Soundtrack for one week (11/3-11/10).

Good Vibes airs on Thursdays at 10:30/9 central, immediately following the classic Mike Judge show.  Tune in this week (Nov 3) to catch “Bubble Shaker”, the ass-tastic track from Tarik NuClothes’ 2011 Fervor Records release.

Watch the “Bubble Shaker” video in all its hi def glory on Tarik’s YouTube channel, or get a copy of the full album on iTunes.

For more info visit:  www.fervor-records.com
Photo caption: Good Vibes show poster, Tarik NuClothes (photo by David Perez)


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