Canadian Label Trend Records Inks with Fervor

Trend RecordsFervor Records is proud to announce an exclusive deal with Trend Records of Canada. A majority of the Trend catalog from the 1960s and 1970s is now available via one-stop licensing from Fervor Records. Trend was formed in 1965 by Toronto disc jockey and record producer Merv Buchanan. The forward thinking Buchanan launched the indie Trend label filling a void in the Canadian market. Mr. Buchanan states, “At the time only a few majors were active in Canada and their main activity was the pressing and distribution of records for foreign artists signed by US or international offices.” Trend coupled their recording studio and music publishing division, with pressing, promotion, and distribution providing a single solution for their Canadian roster. According to the Museum of Canadian Music, “The label is responsible for some of the most collectible Canadian music in existence… Most notably, Bent Wind’s “Sussex” album, which is considered to be the holy grail of Canadian psychedelic recordings.” In addition to Bent Wind, other Trend artists available via Fervor Records include; Sedum Shadows, Cargo, Ultimate Image, Terry & The Pyrates, Bryan Pickering, and Friday Afternoon. You can experience some of the music from Trend Records immediately on the Museum of Canadian Music website.

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