CooBee Coo Strikes Again

CooBeeInvitex300 Strikes Again_CooBee Coox300CooBee Coo has gained a new legion of fans through their recent featured song placements on FOX Network’s “Lucifer,” along with the acclaimed Netflix series “Flaked.” Fervor Records is pleased to announce the band has delivered their third release for the label, an EP entitled “Strikes Again.” The release drops worldwide on Friday, September 9th with the band celebrating by headlining a release party at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix that evening. Opening for CooBee Coo at the Crescent are Valley favorites Sara Robinson and Taylor Upsahl.  The show is brought to you by TMI Radio Show (KWSS) and American Mule. Get your copy of “Strikes Again” September 9th, and we’ll see you at The Crescent Ballroom! Now Available on Apple, Amazon, and Spotify!

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