DJ Roomba Roars Super Stereo’s Jaguar Tonight

If you’ve ever been to a live Super Stereo show before, you know what happens when the crowd hears the first big cat cry from the deep This Is Futurepop album cut “Jaguar”.  Usually mid-set, the dance floor gets dangerously crowded and everyone chimes in on the riff, each one imagining themselves as stealthy night club wildcats.  Well, make a space to unleash your inner feline in your living room tonight, because Super Stereo’s song will be featured on the NBC hit show Parks and Recreation in the newest episode.  No word yet on whether or not it will be coming from the ever-popular DJ Roomba but it’s highly’ll just have to watch.  Get the wild futurepop track on iTunes so you can be ready to go into predator mode anytime.

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