Fayuca Video “Shoot It Up” Unlocked By Fans In Hours

Raf in MaskFayuqueros do not mess around!

In all the anticipation leading up to the release of Barrio Sideshow, which is due to drop in less than a week (5.7.13) there are a lot of people anxious for some tastes..

Well last week, Fervor Records ran a campaign with Fayuca’s Facebook fanbase.

We told them that if they shared a post 100 times, we would unlock the band’s first video, Shoot It Up, which features Jason DeVore of Authority Zero.  It went something like this:

“Raf needs your help! When this post gets shared 100 times Fervor Records will release the video of Shoot It Up featuring (Official) Jason DeVore of Authority Zero.  Then Raf can take off his mask!  Please help Raf its hard to breathe in that thing.”


The post was shared well over 100 times and seen by over 11,000 people in 3 hours!

Thanks to the voracious appetite of the Fayuca fans (a.k.a. Fayuqueros) the video went live later that day and immediately accumulated thousands of views.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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