Fervor Records Helps Spur Gene Pool Reunion

Gene Pool TourTwo decades after their last stint on the legendary Mill Avenue 1990s alt-rock scene, Tempe trio Gene Pool is reconvening for a series of 25th anniversary performances. These shows are driven, in part, by the recent reissue of the group’s debut album “Time & Place” by Fervor Records.
Guitarist/vocalist Ronnie Winters, bassist/vocalist Jeff Owens and drummer/vocalist Kevin Lofton had been casually considering a reunion since 2015. Fervor’s serendipitous reissue of Gene Pool’s 1992 debut helped make the reunion a reality. “We’d actually been thinking about doing a gig for a while and we were all really enthused about it, but it never got past the phone-calls-and-texting stage,” Winters said. “When we heard that Fervor had reissued our first album, it hit us that it’d been 25 years since it came out, and that realization was a big inspiration to actually go through with it.”
Gene Pool’s first gig since August 1997 is with another popular 1990s band with a 25 year anniversary. They’ll share the stage with major label chart toppers Dada, who are best known for their 1992 breakout hit “Diz Knee Land.” Get your 90s on March 8, 2017, at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale with Dada and Gene Pool! Tickets on sale now, and hit the event’s facebook page for details!


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