Fervor Execs Talk Grammys With KPNX

NBC Grammy Recap 2013 (3)

This morning Fervor execs John Costello (L) and Jeff Freundlich (R) sat down with KPNX Channel 12’s Emma Jade to discuss the finer points of last night’s 55th Annual Grammy Awards show.

From Justin Timberlake’s performance to Carrie Underwood’s well-lit dress, there were many highlights to cover.  Costello and Freundlich are not only boutique indie label owners, but also musical artists who regularly write, perform, produce and market new material for both traditional releases as well as for use in Film/Television/Advertisements.

Due to Costello and Freundlich’s day-to-day involvement with the inner-workings of the modern music industry, they were able to add another dimension to the conversation from their perspective, beyond the ever-popular topic of red-carpet fashion.

This is the second year the pair have joined the KPNX Channel 12 newsteam for the recap of music’s biggest night, and most likely won’t be the last.

Get a taste of John Costello’s breadth of scope as a performer and producer with these two critically acclaimed titles (ranging from smooth jazz to hard-hitting hip hop):

John Costello – Beyond Smooth

Tarik NuClothes – Emperor’s NuClothes

Check out Jeff Freundlich’s latest artistic release Floodgates by The Blue Flood, his recent collaborative effort with artist/producer Andy Gerold, singer Dawn Jameson and rapper Marcus Latief Scott.


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