Fervor Plucks 60s Psychedelia from Obscurity

Potluck_Potluck_2015In 1965, a group of mind expanding high schoolers hit the recording studio in their hometown of Los Angeles. The band, known as Potluck, was at the forefront of LA’s emerging Psychedelic movement. The talented teenagers possessed amazing songwriting skills and crazy musical chops that defied their age. You could argue other SoCal bands such as The Beach Boys and The Doors drew inspiration from these lads. Potluck recorded this masterpiece prior to the iconic opus Pet Sounds and even before The Doors hit record. Why Potluck never surfaced beyond Southern California is a mystery, and incredibly, their record never found release. These extraordinary recordings could have easily been lost to the dustbin of musical history, but fortunately, the drummer of the band found the lost acetates and quickly contacted Fervor Records. Tune in, turn on, and relive 1965 with the mind altering sound of Potluck. Buy now on iTunes.

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