Fervor Records and Gentlemen Afterdark Open the Door

Gentleman Afterdark_OpenTheDoor x300Coming up during the New Wave scene in Phoenix, Gentlemen Afterdark gained notoriety for their sharp songwriting, witty lyrics, and raucous live shows throughout the 80s. Fervor Records is proud to present “Open The Door,” a reissue of some hidden gems of the era. These songs occupy a special place in the Fervor catalogue, having been produced by Alice Cooper at Phoenix’s very own Vintage Recorders studio. Made up of of Brian Smith, Winston Watson, Robin Johnson and Barry Smith – this fearless fivesome’s unique brand of Post Punk & Glam got them regular gigs at the legendary underground venues such as The Cellar. Gigging throughout the Southwest, the band garnered praise as one of People Magazine’s “Stars of The Future,” with Alice Cooper observing that “They reminded me of when I was young… I told them to have my daughter back by 7:30” (People Magazine, March 5th, 1984). Buckle up and prepare to be transported to one of the most exciting times in music via “Open The Door,” dropping February 3rd on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and beyond!

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