Fervor Records Hits Park City

sundance bannerFervor Records is proud to continue our tradition of supporting independent filmmaking with numerous placements in some of this year’s most exciting Sundance premieres. “The Big Sick,” directed by “The State” alum Michael Showalter, features an eclectic group of songs – ranging from Jimmie Gray’s 1961 classic “My World,” to the wholly 80s “Park Avenue” by Danny Infantino. Also featured are “Leave Tomorrow” by Chuck Kirkpatrick and “For You” by Lonnegan’s Band. Another film we are honored to be a part of at this year’s Sundance is Patti Cake$ – a very different and very exciting project – which features Bob Kelly’s classic “Ghost Rock.” Lastly, and on the other end of the spectrum – the Sci-Fi thriller “The Discovery,” starring Robert Redford and Rooney Mara, highlights the Fervor classics “A Fancy Place To Cry” by Patsy Maples, and “Let’s All Get Together” by Martie Echito.

As an independent label, being a part of this creative community is something we do not take lightly. Having our music featured at prestigious and cutting-edge festivals such as Sundance reminds us what this is all about – connecting great audiences with great music, and using great films as a vessel to do so.

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