Fervor Records Raises AZ Music To Parenthood

NBC Family Drama Features Three Vintage Tracks From Arizona Artists In One Episode

Phoenix, AZ, 12/14/11– Small but mighty Phoenix-based label Fervor Records has been in the business of music licensing for just over a couple decades and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.  Aside from providing a valuable service to producers of film, television and advertisements, the boutique outfit has managed to put many Arizona artists on a worldwide stage.

On January 3rd, NBC network’s prime time hit Parenthood will feature not one, not two, but three vintage tracks from the copper state.  Each cut is from a different decade, spanning the 60’s-80’s.

One of the tunes featured in the show comes from Bozo Darnell, a celebrated country songwriter/performer who laid down his song “A Shade Of Difference” at Audio Recorders of Arizona in 1968.  It’s now part of the Fervor catalog and has made its way into not just this, but a few Hollywood productions.

Another cut heard in the upcoming episode is 1979 anthem “Startin’ The Day With A Song” from former fixtures of the valley club circuit, Blue Shoes.  Led by DR Wilke and featuring singer Peggy Murphy, Blue Shoes had a number of successes and a few classic videos still circulating today.

And finally, The Jetzons 1982 studio effort “I Love You” makes an appearance on the show.  Known as giants of the early 80’s Phoenix music scene, The Jetzons sold out clubs regularly and shared the stage with acts like The Police.  Frontman Bruce Connole was a mentor to the popular 90‘s band Gin Blossoms and has a lengthy legacy in the music industry with his prolific catalog from punk to honky tonk.

Tune in to NBC on Tuesday January 3rd 10/9c to catch all three of these Arizona artists on episode 312 of Parenthood.  For a taste of more vintage goodness, check out these titles on iTunes.

Vintage Country 1957-1969 (featuring Bozo Darnell’s “A Shade Of Difference”)
Best of Blue Shoes (featuring “Startin’ the Day With a Song”)
The Complete Jetzons (featuring “I Love You”)

For more info visit:  www.fervor-records.com
Photo caption: Blue Shoes, Bozo Darnell and The Jetzons




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