Grace and Frankie Are All About Me Me I I

Gracie and Frankie s2 Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston return for the second season of the Netflix comedy smash Grace and Frankie. The streaming sensation has licensed the 1978 Punk rarity “Me Me I I” by The Blades. The band rose to prominence in the hardcore Phoenix, AZ Punk scene of the late 70s. Along with The Blades, the Southwest desert metropolis spawned such notables as The Meat Puppets, The Feederz, Billy Clone and The Same, and JFA (Jody Foster’s Army). The Blades found a home at Fervor Records and now are winning new fans via Frank and Gracie, Episode 207: “The Boar.” Head to Netflix to binge watch Grace and Frankie and listen for The Blades’ “Me Me I I.”

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