Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly Were Stuck In Love Last Weekend With 3 Fervor Favorites


This last weekend saw a new independent comedy-drama hit select US theaters, starring Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly.  Audiences who attended the film Stuck In Love (f.k.a. The Writers) also got a tour of the Fervor Records spectrum with three very different cuts from the catalog.

First up, there was the wild and brazen late 80’s-Sunset Strip flavored track Tokyo, by Glam Rock revivalists Chinatown, from the Fervor Records release Takin’ It Sleazy.Cover_Chinatown

Next, there was 2 Tha Top by Tarik NuClothes, a rapper from Queens, NY whose single Bubble Shaker made big waves across the MTV community when it launched.  Cover_small_Tarik NuClothesBoth tunes are from his full-length Fervor debut, Emperor’s NuClothes.

And finally, if you caught the indie flick, you’d have also heard the understated romantic sounds of the Peter Blair Quartet whose sophisticated Jazz number In The Shadow Of Night rounds out the ambiance.  cover_PeterBlairQuartetCocktailsThe mellow lounge tune can be found on Cocktails, one of several Peter Blair releases on the Fervor label.


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