It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Explodes With Fervor

It's Always Sunny posterfervor150x150FXX Network’s long running powerhouse sitcom “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has embraced Fervor Records’ astounding collection of Cult Hits, Deep Cuts, and Rarities. Episode 1209: “A Cricket’s Tale” features 5 Fervor mid-century classics including; 1967’s “Calling All Hearts” by Sanford Clark, “Lost Dreams” by The Soulsations, “A Woman 73” by John “Oklahoma Zeke” Lewis, 1968’s “Blending Soul” by Soul Blenders, and 1971’s “Function Underground” by We The People. Episode 1209 airs March 1st on FXX, or enjoy the series on Amazon Video. To experience the power of these throwback jams on Spotify click the song titles!

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