Jailhouse Reviewed By Midlands Rock (UK)


Last January we released an album of amazing glam rock from the height of the era, a spectacular representation of everything that was that scene in its heyday.

The band was Jailhouse, and they were the toast of the Sunset Strip in late 80’s Hollywood, but for some strange reason never quite broke on the national scale (though many held them in the same regard as their iconic contemporaries Poison, Warrant, etc.).

Recently we were contacted by a rock journalist in the UK that covers and audience in the heartland of Western society’s music culture, The British Midlands.  This geographical area is what spawned some of music’s greatest rockers, from Slade to Traffic to Oasis.

Read about Brian McGowan’s write up in Midland Rocks Magazine (for everything that Rocks! across the Midlands, UK).

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