Jersey Shore Bubble Shaker Quake Last Night!

In the new episode of Jersey Shore last night, Tarik NuClothes‘ asstastic single Bubble Shaker made some waves as Sammi sneaked around.  Coming in after the commercial break with a well-defined ‘Drop it let me see you pop it!’, Tarik laid down the booty law for the Jersey bubble girls.

While his party anthem and poetic celebration of well-rounded ladies is generally an all out showstopper, this was one of the few instances where the jam was more of a cherry on top of a deliciously salty sundae.  The raunchy rhymes of Mr. NuClothes were a tasty accent to the Jersey sass.

In case you missed it, check out the full episode on demand at the official show page on  And while you’re there, get a load of the scintillating video for the Emperor’s NuClothes album lead single Bubble Shaker.

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