Len Boone’s “Do Whatcha Feel” Now Available Worldwide!

Cover_Len Boone_Do Whatcha Feel

Hot Soul Funk From The Height Of Roller Disco


When it’s time to boogie on the dance floor and it’s 1978, Len Boone is the man to turn to.

Now you can roll-bounce your way back the golden age of Disco-Funk with Do Whatcha Feel, a hand-picked collection of previously unreleased gems, available worldwide on Fervor Records.

“If you don’t want to be lonely, put on your party shoes..and just do whatcha feel, whatcha feel…when the music hits you”

Boone first came on the pop culture radar when he wrote a Top 10 hit for The Bay City Rollers (You Made Me Believe In Magic).

He then went on to sign with Chrysalis where he released a 12” and two singles (Love Won’t Be Denied and There’s No Me Without You), which are still spinning in UK dance clubs to this day.

With an effortless RnB voice and a gift for Funk hooks, Boone continued to lend his talents to other projects and ended up penning several more charting hits for his colleagues.

His music has also appeared in several film soundtracks, including Where The Money Is (2000) starring Paul Newman, Remembrance (1982) with Gary Oldman, and The Bitch (1979) starring Jackie Collins.

Do Whatcha Feel, now available on iTunes, is a six-song EP of tracks recorded between 1978 and 1982.

It spotlights Boone’s skillful vocals, but also features prominent funky bass licks, slick guitar riffs, and an abundance of groovy old-school synth sounds, reminiscent of the Dance-Funk-Pop of Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall album.

Track Listing

01 Do Whatcha Feel
02 Work It Out Your System
03 Shine On
04 Move
05 Anything For You
06 This Is The One

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