London’s CMU Thrilled In 2015





International music news service CMU is calling out the industry PR machine. Editor Andy Malt is not amused by the over exuberance of execs announcing their new deals with the trite, predictable term of “thrilled”. Calling out dozens of offenders Mr. Malt’s observations are no joke. Apparently everyone from The BBC, Dangerbird Records, Warner/Chapell, Live Nation,  BMG Chrysalis and Republic Records, to Nick Jonas, Pat Benatar and Universal Music are just a few guilty of the embarrassing faux pas. Landing second on the list is Fervor Records’ CEO David Hilker. In a statement released today Hilker said, “I’m thrilled to be on the CMU list and it’s an honor to be in such great company. I’m now focusing on finding other over used mantras to hopefully land on next year’s docket!” Check out the full list of culprits on the Complete Music Update website.

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