Lynn Jarrell’s Save Your Love For Me In The Carrie Diaries Tonight!

The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries has been serving up 80’s nostalgia since it debuted in early 2013, and every episode is chock-full of flashback-triggering tunes, including this week’s offering, “A First Time For Everything”.

Telling the back story of a young Carrie Bradshaw (the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker on HBO’s Sex and the City), this CW hit doesn’t hold back with it’s outrageous neon, hairspray and legwarmers.

Completing the motif is the soundtrack, which includes Lynn Jarrell’s 1989 song Save Your Love For Me from the Fervor Records archives.

Tune into the CW tonight at 8/7c to catch The Carrie Diaries ep112 and hear Fervor Vintage artist Lynn Jarrell.

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