New Release Tuesday! Rare Unreleased Material From Blue Shoes and The Jetzons

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Phoenix’s late 70’s Power Pop pioneers Blue Shoes are still huge in Japan and fans continue to garner top dollar for their highly collectible original vinyl records.

Their colleagues, The Jetzons, were Arizona’s most critically acclaimed and wildly popular progenitors of New Wave when it hit in the early 80’s, and are credited with inspiring later successes from the region like The Gin Blossoms.

Both bands have best-of collections available on Fervor Records and regularly see their vintage cuts appear in television, independent films and big Hollywood blockbusters like the forthcoming John Cusack/Nicholas Cage film The Frozen Ground or network hits like Parenthood (NBC).

Today, Fervor launched a pair of Vintage Masters EP’s, one from Blue Shoes and one from The Jetzons.  Not a single tune on either album has ever been released before, and they were all original, authentic, lost recordings from the vaults of the late 70’s-early 80’s.

Beyond The Best of Blue Shoes offers a selection of boundary-pushing, Post-Punk picks that fans of Cheap Trick, Blondie or The Knack will surely enjoy, while The Jetzons: The Lost Masters will no doubt strike a chord with fans of XTC, The Psychedelic Furs, Duran Duran or The Cars.

Available now worldwide.

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