No Tomorrow Finds Bob Kelly

bob-kelly-x150 no-tomorrow-x150

The CW’s hit romantic dramedy “No Tomorrow” has licensed another period classic from Fervor Records. Episode 107: “No You Say It First” features the 1960 Bob Kelly recording “One Little Kiss Will Do It.” Bob is a Rockabilly Hall of Fame inductee who is widely known for his 1958 Gene Vincent single “Git It” on Capitol Records. Mr. Kelly is a prolific songwriter, musician, producer, recording engineer, and performer. His catalog of eclectic recordings from the 50s – 70s have found a home at Fervor Records, and we are thrilled to be looking after these gems. Don’t miss “No Tomorrow” on November 21st, 2016 and enjoy “One Little Kiss Will Do It” on AppleAmazon and/or Spotify.

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