Legacies And My Evil Mind

Episode 410: "The Story Of My Life" CW fantasy drama “Legacies” features the Fervor Record classic "My Evil Mind" by Jack Cook. Catch it February 24th!

The Wonder Years, Loaded Back

Episode 114: "Country Dean" of ABC’s comedy “The Wonder Years” features the Fervor Records classics “Loaded Back” by Michael Liggins & The Super Souls. Catch it on February 23rd!

Snowfall Season Premieres With Fervor

Episode 501: "Comets" of the FX period hit “Snowfall” features the Fervor Record classics "Shape It Up" by Up With People and "Victim" by The Crew. Catch it February 23rd!

Resident Alien, The Rondels

Episode 204: "Radio Harry" of SyFy Network’s “Resident Alien” features the Fervor Record's classic “Red Peppers” by The Rondels. Catch it on February 16th!

Run & Gun, Super High On Your Love

Paramount Pictures’ action thriller “Run & Gun” features the Fervor Records classic “Super High On Your Love” by Bobby Barnes. Catch it beginning February 15th!

Dollface Has Fervor

Episode 202: "Right Hand Woman" of Hulu comedy “Dollface” features the Fervor Records classics “Bobby Dazzler” by Z-Cars, "Bad Bizzness" by Loosely Tight, and “Don't Cross That Line” by Brian Tiernan. Catch it February 11th!

Pam & Tommy, The Wonder Of It All

Episode 104 of HULU’s biographical drama “Pam & Tommy” features the Fervor Records classics “The Wonder Of It All” by Up With People. Catch it beginning February 9th!

Moonfall, I’m Blue Dear

Lionsgate's sci-fi disaster “Moonfall” features the Fervor Records classic “I’m Blue Dear” by Peck Rowell. Catch it beginning February 4th!

Snowpiercer, My Love Is Real

Episode 303 of TNT’s dystopian hit “Snowpiercer” features the Fervor Records classic “My Love Is Real” by Calvin Harris. Catch it on February 7th!

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