The Kindness Of Strangers Has Fervor

The indie film “The Kindness Of Strangers” will feature the Fervor classics “Your Reason” by The Tads and "Two Guitars," "Balkani Visshang," "By The Waters of Lake Balaton," and "Zigeunerweisen” by Primas Stefan & His Royal Tziganes at Berlinase - Berlin International Film Festival on February 7th.

NCIS Has Fervor

The CBS mega-hit “NCIS” will feature the Fervor classics “As I Am” by Shoeshine Boy and "Scairdy Cat" by Dave Lowe in Episode 1613: "She” which airs February 5th.

Arizona Republic Showcases Fervor

Esteemed music journalist Ed Masley takes a deep dive into Fervor Records with a feature story in both the online and print editions of the Arizona Republic!

Carl Coccomo and SMILF

Showtime comedy “SMILF” is back! Featured in the Season 2 premiere is a lovely 1952 classic from the vaults of Fervor Records.

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